Fly before you buy!

Worried about investing in a drone without knowing if it is the right model for you? We can help!

There are so many models of drones - it can be difficult to know which is the right one to buy. 

test fly drones

Searching online, or going to a retail store will give you some information - but when considering the investment - it's rarely enough detail to ensure that you get your perfect drone match!

We have introduced a new session - Fly before you Buy, which will help you make the right choice.

Come and join us for a session where you can determine which is the right drone for you, dependent on key factors such as your experience, knowledge, and how you want to use the drone (such as for photos or videos).

You may be looking to turn your beginner hobby into a career, wanting to upgrade models (go for something bigger?!) or perhaps just reassurance that what you want to spend your money on, is right for you.

Our 1-hour session ensures that you are ready and empowered to make your drone selection

Session cost: $100 
A great price to ensure the right drone investment.

What you get:

1. Basic introduction

We start with a quick chat about Drone Rules & Regulations, referring to the CASA Website and Apps to check for Airspace.
It's really important that you understand where you can fly, and that you don't have expectations prior to buying your drone of footage that you want to take, that you simply are not allowed to get.


2. Showcasing different drones

We give you an introduction to SEVEN different drones and help you understand their differences, such as camera features, flight times, tracking features, and accessories. We will have these drones with us.

Drones showcased:  DJI Mini 2, Mini 3, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 3 Cine, Inspire 2, Matrice 200 and Matrice 210.

You'll have the chance to view the Inspire and Matrice's, which are not really for beginners or enthusiasts but will give you an opportunity to see the difference between small and big drones.


3. Flight experience - knowledge

We then select one of the drones (likely the popular Mini 2 or 3 ) and go thru Pre Flight procedures explaining the remote controller functions, the app and what to do to ensure a safe flight with the drone.

These procedures are fantastic learnings for when you have purchased your drone, and you'll come away with key information which you'll always be thankful for, such as battery checks, GPS connectivity, Compass calibration, SD card inserted and formatted (you won't believe the pain when this is forgotten), correct camera settings and filters.

We will then perform a takeoff and short flight demo, taking you through this process.

4. Flight experience - your turn!

We'll then hand you the remote and you can fly the drone in close proximity and become familiar with flight characteristics of the drone (we tell them about the difference when flying the drone facing away or towards us i.e. the stick input reverses) and fly basic patterns.

You'll then have the opportunity to fly a larger drone such as the Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 3 Cine so a comparison can be made between different size drones and their differences/similarities.

5. Question and Answers

At the end of the session, you'll have the chance to ask all of your other questions! It may be about where to buy a drone new or what to look out for when buying second-hand. If you require more assistance in aerial photography and video, we can also provide lessons in this area of our expertise.


We can't wait to see you flying the drone that is the perfect match for you!

Interested? Click here to contact us to arrange a session! We'll arrange the perfect time for you.


nb. This session is not drone training, an accreditation or licence session.