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Leading the Way in Aerial Video Adelaide

Aerial Video Adelaide
SA-UAVs are the South Australian leaders in aerial video Adelaide. We turn your vision into our venture, capturing ultra-high definition footage of everything from utilities and infrastructure, through to landscapes and personal events.We’ve carried out projects right across Adelaide and surrounds, adapting our skillset to meet the varying demands of our customers. Some of the industries we’ve been engaged to work with include real estate, construction & engineering, farming & agriculture, insurance and even general film and media projects for hobbyists. We also specialise in events, because drone footage is a unique and engaging way to experience a special occasion from an entirely new perspective, while capturing the full set up. So, if you’ve been considering aerial video Adelaide to assist with an upcoming project, or simply give you an opportunity to rewind a memory, we’ll come up with the perfect plan to accommodate your needs.

A Bit of Background on the Business

SA-UAVs is an SA-owned and operated business run by Rene Schroeder—an expert in aerial video Adelaide. Rene has been working in the field for over 10 years, which has given him the opportunity to watch the industry boom. Always staying one step ahead of the pack, Rene has deployed some of the most advanced technology in the industry to produce outstanding ultra-definition footage for his clients. This is achieved using our DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X5s camera, which has interchangeable lenses and a long battery life for quick turnarounds. Prior to engaging in aerial video Adelaide, Rene spent his former years working on large-scale construction and infrastructure projects. This greatly contributes to his skillset in commercial and industrial drone inspections, because he knows what kind of data is required to facilitate project and maintenance work. But most importantly, Rene is genuinely passionate about what he does!

Aerial Video Adelaide

Our Accreditations

Why can you trust us to deliver highly professional aerial video Adelaide?Well,as both the company’s Founder and the Chief Pilot at SA-UAVs, Rene ensures that the business operates in accordance with the highest of Australian standards. This means attaining full accreditation from CASA—The Civil Aviation Safety Authority. As the peak industry body in our field, CASA haveimplemented regulations that address issues like

  • Flying in consideration of the public’s privacy and security
  • General safe flying expectations
  • Pilot licensing&certificates required.

SA-UAVs have been trained and certified by CASA to fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Australia.This is essential for projects like drone mapping, surveying and inspecting which requires a different level of expertise. Drone footage has undoubtedly become one of the efficient and cost-effective ways to collect visual data used in various professional fields. So, it’s handy to have an all-rounder in your network!

If you’re looking to pursue aerial video Adelaide for an upcoming project, make sure you contact SA-UAVs to discuss the brief. We’re always up for the challenge of something unique! You can contact us via 0427 716 857 or by emailing RENE@SA-UAVS.COM.AU today.