Who We Are

With a long time interest in all things about aviation including working at one of Europe’s largest airports for 3 years – Frankfurt/Main, we have always admired that special view from above.

Having been involved in photography for about 10 years, including underwater photography, has always motivated our Chief Pilot Rene to share this with his family and friends.

Being qualified in the mechanical industry and with 10 years experience working on large construction & infrastructure projects, as well as working on a remote mine site, we understand the importance of “safety first”. As well as understanding the economic pressures companies can experience and the need to find new ways to become more efficient and cost effective.

Over the last 2 years working in the professional drone industry we have worked with engineers, construction, oil & gas as well as the maritime sectors successfully delivering drone photos, videos as well as drone mapping data.

We at SA-UAV’s are professional, flexible and motivated to bring the latest in Drone Technologies to you and help your business and achieve it’s targets.