Yes we have been trained and certified by CASA to fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Australia.

Yes, we are fully insured including Public Liability for piece of mind.

We can fly up to 122 meter (400ft) above the ground and outside Controlled Airports/Airspace (i.e. Sydney, Adelaide or Parafield) without getting CASA approval.If your job site is within such an area don’t worry we can work out the necessary steps to get approval to fly in most cases as well. This however will take a little more time to get finalised before carrying out the work. As a quick reference here is a map of Adelaide's controlled airspace requiring flight approval prior to a flight

Our DJI Inspire UAV is rated to fly in winds up to 36km/h, 10m/s, 19kts. For safety reasons we are unable to fly in winds higher than mentioned above or during Rain. Be assured if this is the case we will reschedule for you at no cost.

Australian aviation regulations require operator’s to keep 30 meters minimum distance to people and property not involved in the job. Rest assured we have the experience & the right camera solution to get the shot you are after from a safe distance.

As each and every job will be different we don’t have a set rate. After contacting us and providing us with all relevant information we will ensure you get the job done at the best price we can offer whilst still maintaining safety to our clients and staff.

Our Core Values:

  • Safety First - for our clients, your clients, our team as well as the general public
  • Efficient – quick response times with enquiries. We will deliver quick, and professional Results and pride ourselves on meeting our schedules
  • Reliable & Professional - Count on us and trust that we will conduct ourselves in a professional and courteous manner
  • Friendly & Creative - We are here to help you achieve your Goal. Contact us to discuss your ideas.