Drone oil and gas inspection

Drone Oil and Gas Inspection

A number of the world’s largest companies in the O&G industry have deployed drone oil and gas inspection services to improve the efficiency and outcome of their 

Drone oil and gas inspection

reporting. With a number of incentives including reduced operation & remediation costs, improved worker safety and more comprehensive data collecting capabilities—it’s absolutely no surprise why drone footage is a growing trend. Our service is most commonly used for:

  • Remote monitoring and surveillance of equipment or infrastructure
  • Inspection and predictive maintenance to detect any defects or flaws in the systems
  • Emergency response to incidents or natural disasters; our 360 degree viewing capabilities enable us to properly assess the scale of damage before coordinating the appropriate response.

Our drone footage is captured by our experienced and CASA certified Chief Pilot, Rene Schroeder. His level of expertise extends across both industrial and commercial sectors, with drone oil and gas inspections becoming a focal point for the business.

CASA Certification

Part of what makes us the best candidate for your drone oil and gas inspection is our dedication to health and safety. To give you confidence that our values align with the highest industry standards, we’ve attained full licensing and certification with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).Effectively, CASA have outlined a number of civil aviation laws that shape the regulatory framework for professional aviation practice in Australia. Some of these rules relate directly to:

  • Security & privacy regulations surrounding flying in public
  • Adapting to environmental conditions
  • How to appropriately monitor and control the drone
  • Responding to emergencies(Civil Aviation Act, 1988).

To give our staff and clients further confidence in our ethical diligence, we’re also fully insured. If you have any questions about aviation laws for either commercial, industrial or personal projects—our Director Rene is always happy to have a chat.

Our Experience in the Field

Drone oil and gas inspection

Finding a reliable team to carry out your drone oil and gas inspection can be tricky, especially with an influx of unaccredited hobbyists on the scene. But when you dealwith SA-UAVs, you’ll receive nothing but complete transparency from the get-go. Our experience in the field spans over 10 years, and within this time we’ve been engaged to capture both videography and photography for farming & agriculture, real estate, construction & engineering and general film & media projects. Using our advanced DJI Zenmuse X5s and Inspire 2 camera, we’re able to capture 4K ultra high definition footage. The drone and camera work simultaneously to guarantee wide dynamic range, colour sensitivity and fantastic stabilization. We also utilise an intelligent power management system to enable longer flights. For the most accurate and professional drone oil and gas inspection, trust SA-UAVs. We facilitate efficient and accurate internal management across the board!

An incredible customer experience, premium quality footage and accurate collection of visual data—choose us for your next drone oil and gas inspection. We have the accreditation, technology, skills and happy client base to approve our service!You can contact us via 0427 716 857 or by emailing RENE@SA-UAVS.COM.AU today.